Theatre, particularly musical theatre, has been one of my greatest loves. My fascination with the stage began at the age of three. I enrolled in Drama Classes to improve my confidence but stayed on for twelve or so years as I became dearly attached to the world of performance.

Over the years, I’ve engaged with the different parts of theatre production in the secret hope that I could nestle myself into it for the rest of my life. In primary school, I would take up any opportunity I could to act, including playing the Grandpa in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In Secondary School, I took a greater role behind the scenes and tried my hand at managing the lighting for the school shows. In University, I tried to get involved with the producer/coordinator role.  Despite loving every minute of all these ventures, my most natural fit has always been as a silent observer from the audience.

In my view, few things are as magical as the theatre. I love suspending my disbelief and being transported away from my own reality and anywhere that the different shows seek to take me. There is so much the medium can do; if in the right hands, it can carry potent political messages, inspire hope, make you laugh as well as cry.

I’m lucky that I live in London so that I can visit the West End (when the budget allows). I’ve been fortunate enough to see shows in other exciting places such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Stuttgart, Hamburg and New York. I enjoy the challenge of articulating my thoughts on a certain show and learning more about the creative process. I am always open to challenge and enjoy nothing more than engaging with someone on their views on a production they’ve recently seen. So let me know your thoughts, either by leaving a comment, or dropping me a message through Twitter or Instagram.

Lizzie x