Review | Emilia, Vaudeville Theatre ⋆⋆⋆

I often find myself out of step with audience’s responses to shows, most recently with Hadestown or Bat out of Hell to name a few. Usually I’m fine with having a dissenting opinion, but with Emilia, I’ve been shocked by how different my thoughts have been to nearly all the glowing reports I’ve seen, especially from people whose opinion I highly value. Simply put, I applaud the show’s intentions but it didn’t sweep me away as it has for many others.

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Review | Killing Nana, The Hen and Chickens Theatre ⋆⋆⋆

Moving back home to live with your parents is an experience which is painfully all too familiar. Goodbye independence, privacy and peace. I didn’t think there could be anything as undesirable, until I saw Killing Nana at The Hen and Chickens Theatre. I’ve come to realise that living with your grandma could not only be worse but may drive you to homicide. Yes given the title, you can assume it doesn’t end well for Nana.

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Review: One Night in Miami, Donmar Warehouse

A few weeks ago I saw One Night In Miami. This play centres around leading African-American figures in the 1960s and sheds light on their experience of living in a society with high racial tensions. My immediate thoughts were that it serves as a welcome reminder as to how much the US has progressed since then. However given the results of the recent US Presidential Election, one might question how much change there has actually been. But on deeper reflection, I think this play provides us with an important lesson about human resolve that we can learn from.

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