Top 6 Musicals I’d Love To See One Day

There are a number of shows where despite knowing a lot about them, I’ve not yet seen them live. I could tell you all about their production history, or perform some of the numbers in a one woman show – but I couldn’t tell you what it feels like to experience it on stage, which makes my heart ache. I was inspired to write this post to let the Universe know that I’d like to see these productions at one point in my life, and if I’m able to do so, I can die happy :). So please Universe, let’s make it happen. Thanks in advance.

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Light’s Up On | My Top 5 Musicals in 2018

When I look back on 2018, it will be my theatre going experiences that I look back on most fondly. I’ve been fortunate enough to see musicals in Stuttgart, on Broadway and in the West End. This lists attempts to rank which shows stood out and connected with me the most when I saw them. Going into these shows at first, I wouldn’t have expected my top five to be in this order – but here it is – my countdown to my top five theatre experiences in 2018.

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Review | Once on this Island, Circle in the Square Theatre ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆

With Once on this Island, director Michael Arden has created a spell-binding revival which pushes the boundaries for what is usually done on Broadway. It’s colourful, vibrant and demonstrates the uplifting power of story-telling.

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Review | The Band’s Visit, The Ethel Barrymore Theatre ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆

When I heard that the musical ‘The Band’s Visit’ was about an Egyptian Band’s visit to an Israeli town, I was admittedly apprehensive about how, if at all, it would handle the delicate topic of Arab-Israeli relations. I did not expect that such a beautiful story would unfold, a story which gently reminds us that despite our differences, we are all similar creatures at our core, who grapple with similar issues and who have the same desires.

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Leap of Faith #NewSongsSunday

#NewSongsSunday – The series where I go on a mission to discover new cast recordings to add to my favourites. I’ll search far and wide to discover musical cast recordings which for whatever haven’t received much love and see if they are any good. 

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Review | Dear Evan Hansen, Music Box Theatre ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆

This show is a triumph in exploring themes on stage which haven’t been put in the spotlight since Next to Normal in 2008. Our protagonist, Evan Hansen struggles with anxiety and through the musical we see how this mental health issue impacts his life. Even if you don’t have any personal experience of struggling with a mental health problem, it’s a thoroughly engaging show, especially as the musical delves into further relatable themes such as solitude and managing loss.

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Review | Opening Night (2016) ⋆⋆⋆

Hollywood’s attempts at putting theatre related shows on screen have had varying degrees of success (Smash and Rise, yes I’m referring to you). The latest attempt to catch my attention was the 2016 film, ‘Opening Night’, which is now available to stream on Netflix.

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Break Up Tunes for Broadway Fans with a Broken Heart 😩 ➡ 💪

Break-ups. Although they can be for the best, it doesn’t always feel that way at the start. Last year, I went through a pretty messy one. If it wasn’t for this collection of songs, – I’m not sure I would have been able to weather the storm that it was. For anyone going through one right now – this post is dedicated to you!  #staystrong #youvegotthis

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Review: The Color Purple, Bernard Jacobs Theatre

Unpacking the different elements of this revival has been a difficult task. However the process of doing so has made me a marvel at its creation that much more. The show has successfully appealed to American audiences and currently enjoys the 2016 Tony Award winning revival title. This is truly a merit to the show’s creative direction, its source material and its cast, which holds talent in abundance. The show is intended for mature audiences and confronts you with adult themes right from the start. However its inspiring message of overcoming adversity is something that people from all walks of life can take away from it.

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Review: On Your Feet! The Story of Emilio and Gloria Estefan, Marquis Theatre

This show is fantastic. I share the same love and admiration for it as I did for the other little known latina musical I saw called In the Heights. I highly recommend it for lovers of feel good musicals who are looking for an entertaining night out. Yes it launches into song often, but the music bursts with such flavour and excitement and the performances are so spell-binding that it is difficult not to get swept up in the energy of it all.

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