Why We Tell The Story: In Conversation with Sheila Arden

Artform is an amateur theatrical company resident at the Broadway Studio in Catford, South East London. They have produced a diverse selection of musicals, plays and concerts. Their previous productions include ‘Avenue Q’, ‘Into the Woods’, and ‘Oh What A Lovely War’. I met up with Sheila Arden, Artform’s Chair and Artistic Director to discuss the ins and outs of running a theatre production company, what it’s like to be a Director and what Artform has planned next.

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Why We Tell The Story: In Conversation with Louise Cook

I first came across Louise Cook’s name when I visited the recent West End production of Dreamgirls. The whole show blew me away but I remember being stunned by how dynamic the lighting design was in particular. When I learnt that Louise was part of the lighting team, I knew that I wanted to reach out to her as part of this series. Since Dreamgirls, Louise now works on tours of musicals and travels all around the world. I caught up with her to learn more about what it’s like to work in lighting in the theatre industry.  

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Why We Tell The Story: In Conversation with Alex Hackitt-Anwyl

Alex Hackitt-Anwyl grew up in Nuneaton and now lives in South London. FemFringe, which she founded, recently enjoyed a successful run at the Vaults Festival in Waterloo, London and will be returning to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year. We caught up for a good long chat about the show, the importance of women in the driving seats and what’s next for her.

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Top 6 Musicals I’d Love To See One Day

There are a number of shows where despite knowing a lot about them, I’ve not yet seen them live. I could tell you all about their production history, or perform some of the numbers in a one woman show – but I couldn’t tell you what it feels like to experience it on stage, which makes my heart ache. I was inspired to write this post to let the Universe know that I’d like to see these productions at one point in my life, and if I’m able to do so, I can die happy :). So please Universe, let’s make it happen. Thanks in advance.

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Top 5 Musicals I Cannot Wait To See In 2019

Some may be worried about 2019, it might be for big reasons such as that the UK is scheduled to leave the EU but hasn’t come to an agreement on what a Trade Deal will look like. Or for smaller reasons about whether you’ll be able to maintain the list of New Year Resolutions you spent so long on refining. Although 2019 may seem bleak for some, there’s lots to look forward to in the Musical Theatre World. Now I’m living in Central London, there’s so much more that I can access and I cannot wait to do so. Here’s my top five musicals I’m looking forward to seeing in 2019.

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Light’s Up On | My Top 5 Musicals in 2018

When I look back on 2018, it will be my theatre going experiences that I look back on most fondly. I’ve been fortunate enough to see musicals in Stuttgart, on Broadway and in the West End. This lists attempts to rank which shows stood out and connected with me the most when I saw them. Going into these shows at first, I wouldn’t have expected my top five to be in this order – but here it is – my countdown to my top five theatre experiences in 2018.

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Leap of Faith #NewSongsSunday

#NewSongsSunday – The series where I go on a mission to discover new cast recordings to add to my favourites. I’ll search far and wide to discover musical cast recordings which for whatever haven’t received much love and see if they are any good. 

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Musical Theatre Overtures, An Obituary

I love musical theatre overtures, I bloody love them. They just make me giddy with joy. But why don’t we have them anymore? It might have something to do with the fact that orchestras aren’t as full as they used to be, so considering they won’t be performed in their full and rich glory no one bothers? I write that as if I was alive during the golden ages of musicals. But sadly not. Their legacy largely remains through the existence of cast recordings, but essentially, with a few exceptions (including the Honeymoon in Vegas [2015] Overture), I feel as though they are thing of the past.

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films I’m guilty of watching, (a lot) more than once

Here’s my Top Ten Guilty-Pleasure Films. They aren’t necessarily Oscar-Award worthy, but I could easily watch these glorious films in a never ending loop. All I’d probably need are some good snacks and a box of tissues at the ready. Let the countdown begin!

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Break Up Tunes for Broadway Fans with a Broken Heart 😩 ➡ 💪

Break-ups. Although they can be for the best, it doesn’t always feel that way at the start. Last year, I went through a pretty messy one. If it wasn’t for this collection of songs, – I’m not sure I would have been able to weather the storm that it was. For anyone going through one right now – this post is dedicated to you!  #staystrong #youvegotthis

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